Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rules for Reading Latin

When you read Latin, do you first look for the verb, then try to find the subject, and then try to piece together the rest of the sentence? This method works well enough when you're still reading Latin from a textbook. However, once you start reading real Latin, you'll find that it is a slow and laborious process.

Several years ago, Dexter Hoyos, a professor of Latin at the University of Sydney introduced his Rules for Reading Latin Prose. Ginny Lindzey has designed a wonderful poster where you can download these rules for easy reference. You can find this poster as well as many other printable classroom materials on the Downloadable Materials page the National Committee to Promote Greek and Latin website. You'll understand these rules even better if you get Professor Hoyos' manual, which available from CANE Instructional Materials for less than $10!