Monday, May 05, 2008

Summer Webinars for Latin Teachers

Many teachers work on their professional continuing education requirements and recertification during the summer months. With gasoline prices at an all-time high, getting to colleges and universities to take classes and attend seminars will cost a lot more than the per credit hour fee this year. If you're concerned about the cost of transportation this year, you may want to consider participating in an on-line "Webinar." Webinar attendees are able to dialogue with the lecturer and other participants in real-time, view presentations and examine the speaker's teaching materials up close for themselves.

This summer, Bolchazy-Carducci will be offering a number of accredited on-line webinars, led by experienced, respected high school teachers and university professors. (N.B. As always, check with your school district or state department of education before registering to make sure that you can receive professional conference credit).

The upcoming schedule includes presentations by Rose Williams, Ronnie Ancona, Jayni Reinhard, Bonnie Cato, Anna Andresian, LeaAnn Osburn, Marianthe Colakis, and Caroline Perkins. More webinars will be made available in the fall by LeaAnn Osburn, Helena Dettmer and Robert Sonkowsky.

Visit Bolchazy-Carducci to find out more about the summer webinars, including technical details and the subscription costs. While it is difficult to replace the experience of attending an American Classical League Institute and Workshop in person, this should provide a reasonably priced alternative for teachers who would really like to pursue professional enrichment but have other time commitments, especially young teachers who have small children or older teachers who are taking care of their own parents.