Saturday, October 18, 2008

Latin by the Sea: University of Massachussetts Latin Seminar

This announcement just arrived this morning: The Conventiculum Bostoniense "is a full-immersion residential experience sponsored by Classics Department of University of Massachusetts at Boston, specifically designed for teachers in schools and universities, who want to gain some ability to communicate ex-tempore in correct Latin on a wide range of subjects. Two different graduate level courses are offered during the Conventiculum, one for first time attendees and the other for returning participants or those who already have experience with Latin as a communicative language. Days are filled with instructional activities, including sessions focused on oral expression or prose composition, opportunities for social interaction."

The faculty includes Jacqueline Carlon, Assistant Professor of Classics at UMass Boston; Emily McDermott, Professor of Classics at UMass Boston; Milena Mikova, Associate Professor of Classics at the University of Kentucky; and Terence Tunberg, Professor of Classics at the University of Kentucky.

The Conventiculum website provides further information about the Conventiculum Bostoniense, including available course descriptions as well as videos.