Monday, January 05, 2009

7th Annual National Latin Teacher Recruitment Week

March 2-6, 2009, the first full week of the month.

National Latin Teacher Recruitment Week is sponsored by the American Classical League, the American Philological Assocation, as well as regional and state Classics associations. For more details, visit the Official NLTRW Website. Updated for 2009 are free printable posters (scroll down to find "I Want You to Be a Latin Teacher," "Gladiatrices" and "The Top Ten Reasons to Teach Latin"). There are also several new brochures.

This year Ginny Lindzey, who runs the Anima Altera Cafe Press Shop, has created a wide range of NTLRW 2009 items: professional-quality t-shirts, mini-buttons, mugs, greeting cards, posters, and even yard signs available for purchase at cost, with no additional price mark-up. NLTRW's site has provided links to coupon codes to keep the cost of these items affordable.