Saturday, February 20, 2010

In Memoriam, Hans Oerberg 1920-2010

Sad news from Focus Publishing:

Dear all friends and customers of Hans Orberg

I am very sad to announce the death of my beloved father, Hans Henning Orberg. He passed away peacefully, without pains and surrounded by his children on the 17th of February.

Although very weak and disabled in his last month, he was very happy that he managed to finish his "
Ars Amatoria" and see it published. He also leaves this world with peace in his mind, confident that his children will carry on his publishing firm, Domus Latina.

The funeral will take place Wednesday the 24th of February at 2 pm in the church of Grenaa: Grenaa Kirke, Torvet 12, 8500 Grenaa, Denmark.

We would be grateful if you would pass on the sad news to friends and customers that you know of and who are not in the mailing list above.

Yours sincerely

Anders Orberg