Thursday, August 09, 2007

Latin Games and Quizzes

It's August and many of you are preparing for the fall and the new school year. Many Latin teachers incorporate games and technology into their curriculum.

Robert Patrick's Learning Site includes links to games, drills, exercises and quizzes that he has found useful and he's grouped them according by textbook series. You'll find materials keyed to Cambridge, Oerberg, and Oxford as well as Mythology, the National Latin Exam and Certamen. (There's also a link here to his summary notes and handouts from his ACL 2007 workshop Induite Latinam, Pars Prima, which focused on conversational Latin in the classroom.)

If you teach from the Ecce Romani series, you'll definitely be interested in the Quia Class Pages maintained by Pat Kessler and also Gail Cooper! Both have a huge number of online Latin games covering vocabulary, culture, and syntax. Both have had to subdivide their pages because they've created so many games and quizzes!

You can also find many, many more activities listed at the Latinteach Games and Quizzes Resource page.