Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Review of the Anima Altera Website

Ginny Lindzey is a Latin teacher who, over the years, has done a great deal to promote the Classics. She's also a talented desktop publishing and webpage designer. Some time ago, she set up the Anima Altera shop on Cafe' Press. It has been some time since I visited her Cafe Press site, but it is obvious that she's done a great deal of work this summer creating new lines. I used to think that all Cafe Press did was t-shirts, but they've apparently added a lot of other items too! Ginny has created loads of cool baseball caps sporting all sorts of Latin mottoes including "Carpe Diem," "Salve," "Crede Mihi," etc. There are also dozens of buttons and mini-buttons. I think these would be perfect for a fund raiser or as incentives for learning. Ginny can also create custom items for Latin clubs and classes as well.