Friday, April 04, 2008

Advanced Placement Latin Literature Cancelled?

Just this week, a number of Latin teachers received notification that one of the two Advanced Placement Latin exams, the Latin Literature exam, will no longer be offered . Only the Advanced Placement Vergil exam will be available for students. This has understandably caused a great deal of concern among Latin teachers across the United States. Many schools offer 2 years of A.P. Latin (either 3rd and 4th year Latin or 4th and 5th year.) Without a doubt, many Latin students continue their study of the language because they can take these college level courses in high school, simulataneously expanding their knowledge of Latin and the Classics, while also earning credit toward their college degrees.

Andrew Reinhard, who is director of Elearning at Bolchazy Carducci Publishers, has set up an on-line petition at Eclassics where you can add your name and voice your concerns.