Friday, July 11, 2008

New AP Latin Teachers Guide Available!

Susan Bonvallet (Wellington School, Columbus, OH) and Dawn LaFon (White Station High School, Memphis, TN) have written a new AP Latin Teacher's Guide, which is available for download from the AP Central College Board Latin website. The advice on syllabus design is targeted at AP Latin teachers of course, but teachers of beginning and intermediate Latin will benefit from reading and studying this new guide.

Consider downloading it even if you do not teach an Advanced Placement Latin course. The AP Latin Teacher's Guide includes over 200 pages of teaching strategies, activities and resources, which teachers can adapt and customize to their own classrooms. The authors have included ten sample syllabi from experienced classroom teachers along with rubrics, timetables, assignments, activities, guidelines for translation and sight reading, bibliographies, web resources, ideas for incorporating the Classics standards, lists of curriculum distributors, professional opportunites, networking ideas, and much more.