Monday, July 21, 2008

Speak Latin and Impress a Knight!

A Latin quote from last weekend's episode of Robin Hood on BBCAmerica. The gang is looking for the Thesaurus Patriae ("Treasure of the Nation", a take-off on "National Treasure") Djaq, the female Saracen warrior, translates the meaning of the phrase and a rather impressed knight declares, "She speaks Latin! WHAT A WOMAN!"

On a previous episode ("Get Carter!") Robin Hood has seemingly been slain by an assassin, who prays in Latin over the outlaw's apparently dead body, as Robin's friends carry him into the city of Nottingham. Upon arriving at the castle, the Sheriff of Nottingham dismisses the retinue, growling "Enough with the gobbledygook! Exeunt!")

You'll also occasionally hear some Latin on the new series of Doctor Who, so it is possible that many of you Latin and Classics majors may have a future with the BBC! Keep studying!