Friday, April 20, 2007

New Greek and Roman Galleries at the Met

If you're anywhere near New York City, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is opening its new Greek and Roman Galleries on Friday. Visit the Met's website to view slideshows and videos, listen to audiofiles, and find out more about the works in the collection.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Sources for Latin and Technology

Centaur Systems

Although Latin is an ancient language, Latin teachers often use 21st century methodologies and technology to help students learn the language. Finding the appropriate software and support can be a challenge.

An excellent source of Latin language software for classroom teachers and homeschooling parents is Centaur Systems, which publishes and distributes educational software for the Classics. Their catalog includes programs for Windows and Macintosh (OSX and OS9).

The President of Centaur Systems is Rob Latousek, who has his MA in Latin and is a former Latin teacher himself. Rob not only designs and publishes Latin language software, but also writes extensively about computer based tools and the Classics. You can read Random Access on the Centaur Systems website to find out his opinions on the many different programs and applications available for Latin learners . There's also a Software Directory and Publisher's Directory.


For those of you based in the United Kingdom, J-PROGS is the most well-known publisher of Classically-oriented educational software in Great Britain. Click here if you'd like to download a copy of their catalogue.


Probably one of the best-known Latin language software programs is Artes Latinae available from Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, Inc. A self-teaching program based on the structural linguistic work of Professor Waldo Sweet, Artes Latinae utilizes a programmed, self-correcting approach to learning the language. Students work at their own pace for mastery of the language. Bolchazy-Carducci provides support for teachers and students through a newsletter and online discussion forum.


A Latin course written completely in Latin and based upon the direct method of immersion, Lingua Latina is now available on CD-ROMs which contain the complete text as well as audio recordings and interactive exercises. The first CD-ROM for PC, entitled Familia Romana introduces students to the basics of Latin grammar and provides a 1500 word foundation vocabulary. The text is a continuous story about a Roman family. Grammatical instruction is provided in the target language, Latin, providing a unique learning experience. The second CD-ROM for PC is entitled Exercitia Latina II.

Latina Lingua Per Se Illustrata is also available as a 2 CD-ROM set for Macintosh OSX.