Sunday, December 05, 2010

Gaudete, Gaudete! Latin Christmas and Holiday Songs!

Rejoice, all ye who seek Latin Christmas Carols! Laura Gibbs is continuing her Latin Holiday Songs Project this year at Gaudium Mundo! Visit each day for new songs and lyrics in Latin, Latin-English and Latin-Polish!

Need more holiday ideas for your Latin class? We've got 'em! Here are just a few from past years!

Christmas Teaching Ideas and Carols

St. Nicholas and the Legenda Aurea

O Abies! O Christmas Tree!

Yummy Chocolate Saturnalia Mice!!!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Coldplay Knows Latin! Really!

At about two minutes and forty seconds into their new video "Christmas Lights," you'll see Coldplay performing on a stage with the words "Credo Elvem Etiam Vivere" ("I believe Elvis is alive...") lit above. Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay is not only a talented vocalist and musician, but also a Classics scholar, having taken first class honours in Greek and Latin from University College London.