Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Greek Myths from the Guardian Unlimited

The British newspaper, the Guardian, has recently published a series of six booklets with a unique retellings of the great mythological stories of the ancient Greek and Roman world.

You can read the text of the booklets at the Guardian Unlimited or order copies from their reader offers department.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

6th Annual National Latin Teacher Recruitment Week 2008

National Latin Teacher Recruitment Week is coming up! This year it will be March 3-7, 2008, which is the first full week in March. The theme for this year is Your Future is Our Future. You can find out more about NLTRW, which is sponsored by the American Classical League, the American Philological Association, and other various regional and local classical organziations by visiting the National Committee for Latin and Greek website. There you can read about past celebrations, get ideas for your own promotions, apply for mini-grants, and more!

Ginny Lindzey has designed a number of extremely cool and very professional promotional items for National Latin Teacher Recruitment Week including t-shirts, mini-buttons, mugs, posters, greeting cards, and yard signs. In addition, the NCLG website has loads of free, downloadable items as well including mini-ads, mini-posters, articles, brochures, flyers, bookmarks and more. Check 'em out! They are mirabile dictu!


According to today's Washington Post, Latin is officially IN for 2008!

Apparently, AP Calculus is sooooo last year!