Friday, May 02, 2008

Graduation Gift Ideas for Latin Students and Classics Majors

It's the beginning of May and in a few weeks high school and university seniors will be graduating. Some Latinteach listmembers have been discussing ideas for farewell gifts. Here are a few suggestion :
  • Anima Altera has a wide range of Latin-themed products, including beautiful posters, prints, mugs, calendars, notecards, spiral journals, hats, t-shirts, sweats and more. Designed by Latin teacher, Ginny Lindzey, you are sure to find a wide range of wonderful presents. Sentiments that might be appropriate for grads include "Tempus Fugit" and "Carpe Diem," but there are many, many others. If you prefer simply writing a card, Ginny has a wonderful line of stationery too!
  • Amphora, the American Philological Association's outreach publication, includes "accessible articles written by professional scholars and experts on topics of classical interest that include language, mythology, history, culture, classical tradition, and the arts" as well as book, film and web site reviews. You can read back issues (through early 2007) on the website, but your students will undoubtedly enjoy receiving current print issues via subscription. A one year subscription (2 issues) is only $10 and your student will think of you when they find it in their mailbox. This is a particularly nice gift for students who may not be planning on continuing their classical education -- and for those who will. Who knows? You might want to get a subscription for yourself.
  • Gift Certificates and Cards are always nice -- and you can be sure the recipient gets exactly what he or she wants!
  • Membership in a Classical Assocation is also a thoughtful gift. Membership in the American Classical League or the previously mentioned American Philological Association would be a fantastic present for a recent university graduate or brand-new teacher, especially if he or she will be looking for a job. Both the ACL and APA have placement services for members. If your grad is already a member of a national association, consider one of the regional associations. Museum memberships are also great!
  • W.H. Adams Antiqarian Books is a small but enchanting brick and mortar bookstore specializing in Greek and Roman, Biblical, Middle Age, Renaissance, Reformation and 17th-19th century texts. You will receive individualized attention from this wonderful shop. This is the real deal, an old-fashioned antiquarian bookstore run by a small and attentive staff. Click on the link to see their online catalog.
Of course, it's the thought that counts and there are some free -- or very nearly free -- possibilities as well.

  • You could compose a certificate (in Latin, of course) for your graduates. If you know how to do calligraphy, you could hand letter it yourself. Otherwise, there are calligraphic artists who will design your certificate for a fee. You could, of course, use a nice font and print it out yourself!
  • Photographs from JCL inductions, award ceremonies or competitions.
Suggestions are welcome, especially ideas for free and nearly free farewell gifts. This list will be expanded.