Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Amy High Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser

Those of you living near Alexandria, VA, should plan to attend the Amy High Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser this weekend at the Lyles Crouch Elementary School located at 530 S. Asaph St., Alexandria, VA. The fundraiser will last from 2:00pm-6:00pm. The activities will feature wonderful food, live music, Roman Legionnaires, and a silent auction. There will also be a petting zoo and face painting for the children!

Amy High was a Virginia Latin teacher who had great vision and an amazing imagination but sadly passed away several years ago at the young age of 39. A true loss for her family and for the Latin teaching profession as well. To find out more about Amy High and the work that she did, you can read this article on the Time Magazine website.

You should also visit the Forum Romanum site. Amy played the part of Julia Pauli in these fun news videos, performed entirely in Latin.

The Amy High Memorial Scholarship provides funding for prospective and practicing Latin teachers to attend the Reginald Foster Latin Summer Study in Rome, Italy. Amy was a great proponent of active Latin and studied with Fr. Foster for several summers. According to the organizers, $20,000 was raised at last year's fundraiser and $10,000 in scholarships was awarded this year. The organizers hope to make this scholarship self-sustaining. Find out more by visiting the scholarship's official website. You can also download this year's poster.

Hopefully, this scholarship fund will inspire a new generation of Latin teachers to carry on the work that Amy started!