Thursday, September 11, 2008

Homecoming Chants in Latin

Deborah Stakenas, Latin teacher at East Kentwood High School in Michigan, has written some wild and crazy Homecoming Chants. East Kentwood High School's mascot is the Falcon. Deborah hopes that other Latin teachers will enjoy these chants and modify them to fit their own mascots.

First Fight Song: Sinistrovorsum. Dextrovorsum. Sta-te. Se-de-te. Pug-na-te! (Turn to the left. Turn to the right. Stand up, Sit down, Fight, Fight, Fight.)

Second Fight Song: Falcones sumus. Falcones fortes. Falcones sumus. Iam quis est? (We are the Falcons, the mighty Falcons. We are the Falcons. Now who are you?) Clap with this one and point with the last three words.

Third Fight Song: (Spell it out and clap!) F-A-L CONES! F-A-L CONES! (Based on the Ohio Junior Classical League chant: O-hio Oh Oh hio.)

Fourth Fight Song: Falcones amamus! Iam laeti sumus. Falcones amamus vel vincatis. Quando amittatis, sumus tristes! O, Falcones, amamus! (We love you, Falcons, oh, yes, we do. We love you, Falcons, whether you win or lose. But when you are losing, we're blue! Oh, Falcons, we love you.)