Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bless Your Ipod with Some Latin!

According to USA Today, the Vatican has given its blessing to the iBreviary, an add-on application for the Iphone and Ipod Touch that assists the faithful, especially ordained clergy, in praying the Liturgy of the Hours.  This daily prayer includes the office, lauds, daytime prayer, vespers and compline.  

Currently, iBreviary supports five languages for the main part of the program -- including Latin -- with plans for additional languages to be added.  Unfortunately, only Italian seems to be supported in the additional features which link daily Mass readings and traditional Catholic prayers, though updates are planned.  iBreviary is currently available in iTunes App Store for 99 cents.  

Read Sacred Texts: Vatican Embraces iTunes Prayer Book. (USA Today, December 23, 2008)

Also available for the iPhone & iPod Touch is Holy Rosary, which is a fully functioning graphically-based virtual rosary.  This program includes the text of standard Rosary prayers in Latin, as well as English, Spanish, Italian and French. 

Not religious in nature are a variety of other widgets in the iTunes App Store: Latin-English mini-dictionaries, quotation and poetry collections, and a Roman Numeral converter.