Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Elusive Latin-English Bible

It is extremely difficult to find a bilingual Latin-English version of the Bible. A Latinteach list member mentions that he uses the Vatican's online version of the Vulgate (mentioned in a previous blog entry) while he keeps his King James version nearby. However, some people really prefer to have print versions of both. There are several other Latin language versions available online (mentioned in that same blog entry) and through booksellers but none of them include an English translation.

While there are several print Latin and Latin-Greek versions of the Bible available, this is one of the only Latin-English versions available, Loreto Publications' Clementine Vulgate & Rheims New Testament. For the money, it appears to be quite reasonably priced at $39.95, bound in burgundy bonded leather with a satin ribbon page marker. A sample excerpt (several chapters from the Gospel of Matthew) is available for download at the aforementioned link.

As might be expected, online booksellers show no shortage of Greek (and Hebrew) - English interlinears, published by a wide variety of denominations.