Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Minimus is Coming to the US!

Barbara Bell, author of the highly praised Minimus series, is coming to the U.S.! Minimus, as you all know, is the mouse who made Latin cool!

Barbara's visit is tentatively scheduled July 13-27. 2009.

Events will include an "Online Webinar" from the offices of Cambridge University Press in New York. It will solve the problem of having to gather the teachers in a physical spot and will open the event to a nationwide audience. Teachers can, whether they are on vacation or not, log on at a certain time on a given day. Of course, Cambridge and and MinimUS will announce the webinar date and time when all is finalized.

In addition, Barbara will spend a few days in Pittsburgh and hold a workshop for teachers, an event for children, and possibly participate in celebrations being held to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the American Classical League's Excellence Through Classics Committee, which has done so much to promote Classics for elementary and middle-school students.

Then, she'll head to the Baltimore area to hold another teacher-training event and a children's Minimus celebration (perhaps in a local museum). She also has a huge following among homeschoolers in this area and will probably be feted one evening! A very busy two weeks...

If you'd like to find out more information, contact Latin teacher Ruth Ann Besse at rabesse17 [at] Ruth Anne teaches Latin at a Catholic high school in Laurel, MD, as well as to homeschooling students and has done a great deal to promote Latin, the Classics, and of course, Minimus, including editing MinimUS, a newsletter for American teachers of the series.