Saturday, August 09, 2008

Render Unto Caesar, That Which is Caesar's...

Dexter Hoyos passes along the word that there is a new website dedicated to telling the life of Julius Caesar through coins. Designed and maintained by the Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies at Macquarie University, Sydney, The Coinage of Julius Caesar is a unique biographical look at the his life, accomplishments, and legacy. There are numerous high quality clickable photographs of coins and viewers can examine both obverse and reverse images via a mouseover. Major highlights include the early career of Julius Caesar, the Gallic and Civil Wars, portraits of Caesar, as well as the influence of the first Caesar upon the coinage of his successors.

A bibliography, glossary and reference catalogue accompany the main site.

This is a particularly interesting site for anyone reading Caesar's De Bello Gallico or De Bello Civili, as well as students of Roman history or ancient numismatics (the study of coins.)